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May 19, 2017
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It’s never too late to become more productive in your role, or for your business altogether. Sometimes you just need to find the motivation or that initial starting point.

By becoming a consistent challenger of the status quo you will soon learn how simple changes can help you become more productive. From optimizing your workflow, to taking control of meetings, to increased productivity is just 10 simple steps away:

  1. Turn off email alerts!

Email is the single biggest distraction in your day and is a big productivity and time killer. Emails come in and the alerts ring, dragging you way from the task you were working on. It’s human nature, the alert rings and we immediately want to help and respond.

You will be amazed at how much time you get back and the productivity gains that will be achieved by simply turning off email alerts and addressing emails at two or three set intervals during the day.

Several companies have already started to ban email, moving their internal communications to other channels such as group messaging, (we use Slack and it’s great!). Slack helps us stay out of our inbox, send quick messages back and forth, which ultimately helps us be more productive. No matter the measure, look to fine tune your email efforts to give you more time do actual work rather than being caught up in your inbox.

  1. Stop the email cc’s

People love to demonstrate how busy they are by including you in emails.

Explain to those around you that you should only be cc’d in an email if you are part of a decision making process. If you are not, then you don’t need to be included. Simple right? Well get to it.

  1. Include time for self improvement and ‘downtime’ in your day

This is one of the golden rules to allowing you and your business to be more productive in the day. Stepping away from work for even 10 minutes a day will drastically improve your focus, energy, and even your mood. It also supports a much-needed “working on the business and not in the business” focus.

Time management experts recommend that when planning your day, you should factor in some time for self improvement, networking and even going for a quick walk to clear your head. Productivity rises when our brains aren’t completely clogged and our days include some respite from tasks and ‘to do’ lists.

  1. Eat

Many 21st century employees feel so run off their feet that they don’t take meal breaks. This is counter productive because of the impact it has on concentration and efficiency. Make time to eat lunch, or grab a quick snack to ensure you’re fully charged for the day.

Lunch can also be used as networking opportunity to catch up with people who you want to nurture a relationship with – client or otherwise.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is known to eat lunch with random employees, which offers him insights into the company he might not otherwise be exposed to, and also helps his staff see him as someone they can relate to, rather than their superior.

  1. Use music to get everyone into the zone

This one’s a bit controversial. For every person who claims they can’t work without music, there’s another for whom music is a complete distraction! According to a recent Forbes study, those who listened to music at work completed their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t, because the music improved their mood, concentration, and efficiency.

Many people feel they work better with music and can even feel uncomfortable with silence. If you’re one of these people, look to putting in some earbuds from time to time to really get into the zone and get work done.

  1. Use cloud software to work collaboratively

Cloud-based software allows multiple team members to work on one project simultaneously. Applications such as Google Drive can allow your team to work on excel sheets, word documents, or even presentations to negate the need for numerous emails to produce a joint project. Time savings are a natural result.

  1. Have better meetings

Long and inefficiently-run meetings are a huge productivity killer. According to one managerial communication expert, efficient meetings have clear objectives, a selective list of attendees and an agenda that features time limits for each item.

Personally, I like to ensure that every meeting has a clear agenda before we walk in, and set of clear, SMART outcomes before we walk out! Another trend coming from the tech world into mainstream business is “stand up” meetings. From the get-go, a stand up meeting is all about quick, efficient decision-making.

  1. Make more of your activities measurable.

The Apple Watch and other wearables are transforming the way we measure our achievements, from the number of steps we take each day to the number of hours we spend standing and sitting. Many of us now use this data as motivation to improve.

Similar tools exist for productivity. Applications such as Rescue Time and TSheets, or Function Point (what we use) track how much time you spend on activities such as answering email. Having an idea of how long you spend on certain tasks could help you find lost moments, change your habits and help you redirect time to priorities.

  1. Work across platforms and devices

Working across platforms and devices means you can chip away at tasks wherever you are, no matter which device you’re using. This is a great way to ensure you always take advantage of those bursts of creativity and light bulb moments that can take your work from good to outstanding.

At Sourcing Spot we know how important this is, which is why we ensure that every application we bring into our business is accessible across all devices in all locations including smartphones, iPads and laptops (Yes Slack, Function Point, and Google Drive just to name a few, are all accessible on mobile devices).

  1. Have fun!

Having fun is a must at work. At Sourcing Spot we ensure we follow the “work hard, play hard” motto.

Having fun, making some noise and laughing out loud not only makes everyone feel good, but also helps you be more productive in the long run.

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