complete integration of Sourcing Spot’s core competencies into your project

You are unique from your competitors, and will have your own established processes. Using our SaaS technology, our Sourcing Spot professional will work with you to connect to an appropriate consortium and manage the procurement of your printing or marketing needs.

Business enabling sourcing solution

Our Enterprise Solutions may sound overwhelming, but it is relatively straightforward to implement. Our Sourcing Spot expert will guide you through each step and manage the project for you. Our sourcing program, sourceit is a proven results oriented software, and it mitigates risk and delivers business continuity.

We will take the time to understand your needs and maintain focus on a strategic sourcing process. The three main verticals we have discovered are critical to our clients is to drive savings, deliver consistent, coordinated and standardized processes across all your brands, and give you access to personalized, and flexible expert advice.

Procurement Waste and Spend Analysis

Enterprise is about creating efficiencies and optimizing the procurement process. With emphasis on savings we will reduce operating costs, procurement costs and the cost of goods purchased.

Our technology, sourceit, will provide complete transparency and 360⁰ visibility to your entire procurement process. As an Enterprise client, Sourcing Spot will manage all aspects of your suppliers. We will submit detailed specifications for RFQ’s. We will award the project to the chosen supplier (based on price, health rating, and best match to requirements), and we manage all transactions. You would just interact with us.

Reporting and Analytics

Through each step of the procurement process you can have immediate access to KPI’s, transactional data, spending patterns, and deep insight into many other factors.

During the implementation process of our SaaS we will define management levels and authorities for all users for each project. Sourcing Spot maintains a performance based culture in the services we provide and hold ourselves accountable every month with our clients.

Sourceit has a comprehensive reporting functionality that allows different levels of management the ability to construct and process reports at any time. Automated reports can be sent to designated users and can be provided in multiple formats.

The supply chain is monitored on each job analyzing response times, price consistencies, achieving milestones, and project engagement. This enables us to further refine the supplier selection process and match suppliers by specific formats to help pricing outcomes for you.

Unique Consortium

We have found that clients have often developed their supply chain, but have not managed them effectively. Two critical factors to measure the health ratings of your suppliers are accountability and contestability. Our Sourcing Spot Project Manager will deliver technology-based solutions that resolve these issues quickly and effectively.


Implementing contestability will establish best pricing and best quality. This process removes the “comfort” of existing, long-term relationships and keeps the focus on health ratings for each supplier. When a project is specified in sourceit it will automatically know which suppliers are best suited for that job. This reduces wasted time in communicating with the wrong suppliers.

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