Bring together all the elements for your print and marketing supply chain into a single RFQ and order management process.

Your clients and suppliers will enjoy a standardized, fully transparent workflow that will ensure compliance across your entire business.

Our technology sourceit allows you to request, order, manage and report on every transaction that you process on behalf of your customers.

With a single dashboard to manage every step in the process and keep you updated throughout the RFQ and order lifecycle, let sourceit put you back in control of your spend.

Sourcing Spot uses technology that gives distributors the power of procurement with the ability to:

quickly create and send RFQs to your highest performing suppliers

build and manage bids for jobs of any size

instantly award jobs to suppliers

manage jobs from all your devices in real time

Sourcing Spot uses technology that does all the hard work for you. We will set up the software and provide training for you to be ready and able to provide procurement savings for you and your clients.

Our automated workflow delivers purchase orders and job details to your suppliers as soon as they’re created. The process is entirely managed online, including supporting documentation, artwork uploads and storage.

Sourcing Spot's software and technology will always:

  • Provide an environment where only trusted suppliers can bid for your work

  • Allow you full visibility of the RFQ, bid and ordering process

  • Give you the tools to add jobs to the most suited suppliers

  • Have storage, comments and upload abilities for artwork and other supporting documents

  • Be transparent of the end-to-end process

  • Eliminate cost and waste with a digital job management workflow

  • Deliver a final product

  • Provide full support and back up

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