Our clients look to us to provide them suppliers that are the best in the market. While cost is always important, ability to supply on time and meet our client's quality standards is equally critical.

At Sourcing Spot we believe in building supply chains that are based on a value proposition that extends beyond price and as such we build supplier panels that are unique to each client.

Our SaaS technology sourceit is used by Sourcing Spot and our clients to manage all RFQs and jobs from a single dashboard. It gives our users instant access to all quote and job data and as a supplier to Sourcing Spot, you are also provided access to the sourceit technology suite

Sourcing Spot supports our suppliers by:
  • Building unique, discreet supply chains for each of our clients - we match you with the right clients.
  • Supplier qualification and capability assessment.
  • Online tracking of all RFQs and jobs
  • Automated purchase order and job variation management throughout the job cycle.
  • Access and transparency to accurate and timely RFQ events
  • We measure supplier performance in real time and reward those suppliers who perform with more RFQ and bid opportunities

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Sourcing Spot will improve your strategic decision-making by accessing supplier lifetime value at every stage of the strategic procurement process with:
  • Supplier onboarding: Streamlined assessment process to ensure registered suppliers meet requirements
  • Supplier qualification: Capability assessment for business principles, category, process, and technology
  • Segmentation and risk management: Segment your supply base by category, risk and performance management to track supplier performance over time
  • Development and innovation: Supplier development through improvement and action plans
  • Supplier 360° end-to-end visibility: Comprehensive access and transparency to accurate and timely supplier events throughout the procurement process

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