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As a strategic sourcing company we create new opportunities for you to reduce spending, increase efficiencies, and standardize processes.

How We Help

RFQs & Bid Management

Sourcing Spot can easily send RFQs to multiple suppliers and keep all bids organized in a single dashboard.

Print Management Services

Ask about our Enterprise, Collaborative, Absolute, and Catalogue print and marketing management solutions.

Job Management

View and track job progress from one dashboard. Update milestones and send messages to your supplier.


Sourcing Spot can customize an integration solution with your current software and infrastructure using open APIs.

Supply Chain

Set up and manage your entire supply chain. Track the health of your suppliers to ensure you are using the best supplier for every job.

Procurement Experts

Our team of experts will help you with a single source solution.

Ready, set, integrate!

Build powerful solutions, drive productivity, enable smart cost reductions and automate workflows through Sourcing Spot's custom API integrations into the sourceit technology platform. Our team can customize an API integration with your current software.

Sourcing Spot uses an open and modular API, giving you total flexibility in the data you want from the sourceit software and technology. Talk to our team to review your integration needs.

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