You will have absolute control in managing your in-house projects using our SaaS technology

Our initial consultation will implement our procurement software into your organization, and we will work with you to develop an adequate supply chain. Our objective will be to hand over the keyboard to give you absolute control of managing the sourcing of all your print and marketing services with one easy solution.

Optimized Software

As an Absolute solution you will soon become efficient at using our procurement software. Our Sourcing Spot expert will work with you to integrate sourceit into your operations and through our onboarding process you will take absolute responsibility for the complete sourcing, management and delivery of services

This will resolve a range of common issues we have discovered such as:
  • limited or poor visibility of your marketing spend
  • procurement and marketing departments are out of alignment with objectives and directives
  • lack of a standardized and measurable workflow

The flexibility of our software will provide complete visibility and control of your sourcing efforts and all levels of management can be a part of how the process will function.

Standardize Your Workflow

Our SaaS technology was developed by print managers for print managers. We understand the process you need to follow to achieve the best results. sourceit is the only place you will need to go to manage your printing or marketing project. The push technology will help you complete tasks on time, schedule new tasks and establish reporting.

Every job will be managed exactly the same way. You will create an RFQ, determine detailed specifications, and send it out to the consortium requesting your suppliers bid for the work. You will be guided through a standardized workflow that will automatically create intuitive products, select suppliers, and manage your project. As each stage is measurable you will have access to analytics and deep and insightful reporting.

Transparencies & Contestability

A common relationship deficiency we have learned is the simple process where a supplier will increase their profits with a long term client. When a supplier feels you are no longer comparing/contesting their rate they may take this opportunity to add a slight mark up to their product or service because of the familiarity of your symbiotic relationship.

Our sourcing software will disrupt the comfort of these relationships by enforcing a contestable procurement process. Your supplier performance is monitored based on health and environmental ratings, and is measured daily against a set of calculated risks.

Effective project management is critical to ensure value is delivered on every project. The objective with every job is to integrate the right supplier with the right opportunities. Our procurement software will intuitively know what supplier is best suited for the job based on the detailed specifications you build.

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