providing professional consultations through procurement transformations utilizing our SaaS technology

you need a trusted single point of contact to advise in an optimized procurement process

you want to expand your connections to reliable print and marketing services

you need a system that will provide complete transparencies in your spend management

you want to ensure you are dealing with standardization and measurable indicators

Our Collaborative solution provides you with the flexibility to engage with and utilize our SaaS technology, but still have the comfort of assistance from our experienced professionals. We will implement sourceit into your print, design, or marketing project and offer ongoing consulting and training through onboarding processes resulting in your procurement transformation.

A Trusted Advisor

Sourcing Spot will connect your team with a professional that understands your needs. Each of our agents have an abundance of knowledge and experiences in their field. We are continuously learning to improve and to provide our clients with the most current processes for best practices.

We understand the process, the planning, and the efforts you will endure to get the best price on the right product and delivered on time. You will appreciate working with Sourcing Spot and allow us to help you optimize your procurement process.

A Reliable Consortium

An advantage of our collaborative solution is that we will utilize our supply chain during project management. Our suppliers are established and are always being measured against all projects we are managing. Our procurement software develops a health rating for each supplier and adjusts accordingly with each RFQ they are involved. The entire consortia are aware of our indicators so it is in their best interest to provide the highest quality and best pricing for each opportunity. Health ratings are affected by a number of other key factors and individual suppliers are addressed if their ratings are too low.

Connecting with a supply chain that is proven, trusted, and reliable is part of a solid foundation that will produce the best results for your print, design, and marketing projects.

360⁰ Visibility

Working with our Sourcing Spot expert you will have access to deep and insightful reports at any stage of your project. You will be able to view all the selected suppliers prior to submitting your RFQ. As our software receives bids you will be notified by email and can compare all the bids on one dashboard. Post selection will streamline the process and all correspondence and associated files and documents will become part of the management. Every party involved in the process will have direct access to any detail required. The reporting ability in our software allows the opportunity to review your expenditures right from awarding the job to completion.

Standardization & Measurability

By establishing a strong consortium, you will be able to provide specific details for your project and receive applicable quotes from each supplier. If there are any variances they will be noted immediately. Your point of contact with our team will guide you through each step of your procurement process.

Together you will establish milestones to ensure your product is received on time. Our SaaS technology will indicate who needs to complete an action to keep the project moving.

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