SaaS Technology

Software as a Service provides you with the ability to access our sourceit technology from any computer, tablet or device anywhere, anytime. On-demand access will allow you to submit RFQs immediately after meeting with a client and receive your bids much quicker with more accurately than traditional procurement methods.

Our software is completely scalable and will allow you to grow without the inconvenience of installing another module. You will appreciate the seamless integrations and upgrades with little to no interruption to your operations as you continue to prosper.

Sourcing Spot uses sourceit technology which is a fully-featured solution and powerful tool for sourcing and managing marketing services. It offers unprecedented transparency and ease of use. We connect all of your print and marketing needs into an integrated and streamlined solution.

Source From the Market


Build a specification

The sourceit software leads users through a standardized workflow to intuitively build job specifications from scratch. Users can also access pre-built quote templates or copy specifications from an existing RFQ to improve productivity.

Send an RFQ seamlessly

Whether using your preferred or alternative suppliers, the sourceit software applies predetermined milestones and instantly delivers specifications to suppliers locally, nationally or globally.

Review bids in one location

Supplier bids are delivered directly back to the RFQ in your dashboard allowing for simple, easy comparisons and analysis of all bids.

Award the work

Once approved, jobs can be awarded to the supplier of your choice. We will automatically recommend the best supplier based on price, you can also select the supplier based on performance or simply your own preference.


Coordinate jobs from end to end

With predetermined milestones, we ensure all jobs are completely visible, with automated alerts ensuring they remain on track.

Manage artwork with ease

Managing artwork is made easy with the ability to upload multiple versions, manage corrections and retrieve artwork, all from within the job. Your artwork files are retained with the job ensuring your valuable digital assets are accessible and remain under your control.

Control costs

Job variations add costs and create delays. Easily manage job variations, ensuring there no surprises with your customers or suppliers.

Collaborative workflow

All communications are centrally located in your dashboard ensuring open and transparent collaboration with all stakeholders including clients, suppliers, print managers and creative agencies.


Automated supplier selection

The sourceit software links suppliers to production method, product category, supplier location and supplier classification, ensuring the best suppliers are automatically selected for every quote.

Performance management

The sourceit software incorporates a set of transparent supplier KPIs and sustainability performance into the decision-making process.

Reward for effort

We reward desired behaviours by selecting the best suppliers based on performance every time.

Create contestability

Reduce costs through dynamic market testing on every RFQ through the supply chain.

Order from the Catalog

Inventory or on-demand

Catalogue allows centralized ordering of inventory and buying of on-demand products from a single catalogue. This delivers significant productivity gains and flexibility for all users.

Unlimited products

Catalogue allows you to create an unlimited number of products and services which are available for your users to order and buy online.

On-demand variable art

A unique feature of our Catalogue is the ability for users to order on demand items and provide new artwork each time. The entire process is fully automated including delivery of artwork to your nominated supplier.

Pricing grids

Built-in pricing grids give you total control of costs. Whether ordering one item or thousands, the pricing grid will automatically update pricing in real time for your users.

Create product Templates

Create on the fly

The user is led through a series of questions that allows them to create a template item on the fly in real time.

Automated approval workflow

You determine the approval workflow, whether the user can approve themselves or you want to take further steps in your brand management, the approval process is fully automated and seamless for the user.

Unlimited templates

Templates allow you to create and build an unlimited number and types of products – from business cards to posters, it's all possible.

Pricing grids

Built-in pricing grids give you total control of costs. Whether ordering one item or many thousands, the pricing grid will automatically update pricing in real time for your users.

Integrate via API’s

Open API’s

Our API’s allow you to create powerful integrations between the sourceit software and your other applications. Our team will work with your business to help ensure you gain all the benefits from integration.

Modular based API’s

We understand that clients want to integrate with different modules within sourceit software so we’ve built open API’s that allow you to connect with specific functionalities within Sourcing Spot. RFQs, invoicing, job, orders, assets, and products, even reporting data can be seamlessly integrated with your existing business applications.

Report and analyze