Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

Procurement is strategic. If your procurement process is not managed effectively your indirect spend could be in excess of 25% higher than necessary. Our Sourcing Spot professionals can discover a 15%-20% savings in your procurement expenditures. Procurement is essentially an investment and not an expense. We can show you how to convert a traditional ‘purchasing’ process into an ROI generating strategic asset through a procurement transformation.

Our sourceit technology provides a consistent process with positive results and outcomes for our clients. We merge our technology and professionals with your operations to develop a roadmap to success in your print and marketing requirements.

Competitive Sourcing: Tapping into our supply chain we immediately create a contestable and fair quoting process to identify the best suppliers. We can select from local suppliers or anywhere in the country if you desire. We will consider total costs, quality, service and other unique factors.

Consortium Programs: The constant evaluations of our suppliers generate health ratings, based on numerous measurable factors. This eliminates the potential of poor selection due to subjective opinions. Only suppliers that match the criteria and specifications of your detailed request will be selected for bidding. Side by side comparisons of their quotes will be presented for a calculated decision on awarding the job. Suppliers are regularly informed of their health ratings and will be removed from our consortia group if they cannot improve their rating. This process ensures you will always be presented with the best pricing and best quality to match your needs.

Necessary Negotiations: Utilizing a competitive bidding process with every project will increase your opportunity to consistently receive the best pricing options. This does not mean we do not need to enter negotiations with any supplier. If it appears a supplier is out of line with their pricing, but we feel they are a potentially better match we can initiate a negotiation process to establish better pricing and secure sustainable rates for future projects. Leveraging our extensive consortium and buying power we can add to your abilities to gain best pricing and marketing from each of your suppliers.

Deep Insightful Reporting: Our SaaS technology is built by print managers for print managers. Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in what you require. We understand what you need to accomplish and how it can be done. Our ‘top to bottom’ process keeps it simple and easy to use but ensures accurate details are provided with each submission. Any team member that has been granted access to the reports can assess any stage of the procurement process. Compare spend analysis against your budget, to safeguard against indirect spend. Evaluate KPI’s to warrant each step is achieving best results.

Our objectives are to improve your processes, optimize your procurement, reduce your direct spend, provide detailed reports, deliver complete visibility, and maximize your savings. Our Sourcing Spot professional will not just change your current, traditional process, but will provide a full procurement reengineering.